Monday, January 14, 2008

Dear Nap Gods....

Dear Nap Gods,
Why, oh Why have you turned on me? Do you have me mixed up with someone else? Or are you mad at me for some reason? I know that during Macy's nap yesterday I took her to a baby shower, but it was just one day! I promise I won't let it happen again? Are you punishing me for that? When will you let my kids nap again? Are you trying to tell me that they no longer need a nap? Because if you are, i'm going to have to take you to court and sue you because it's just not fair... I need that naptime... I NEED IT.. I..

Please for the love that is good and holy.. Please let my kids nap again...


oh and if you're feeling extra generous... please let them nap longer than usual.. to make up for all the naps they didn't take..



Jennifer Mullinax said...

Amen to that...having the same exact problem SUCKS.....I need nap time!! Praying it returns for both of us soon!! ~J

Tripletblessed said...

2 of mine were napping really well when their sister opened their door and yelled "Wake up and play".
uugh naps are WAY to important to lose!

My name is Tammie said...

Amen. Naps can not be gone here. Ever. Never ever.

Hope you get them back soon!

McTriplet Mommy said...

Mine have completely given up naps BUT go to bed (usually) way more easily.

Hang in there!!