Sunday, January 13, 2008

I've been traded in...

Chase had speech therapy on Friday afternoon, so I decided to pack up the other two and head to the local wal-mart.. My kids do NOT do good in public and I end up having to bribe them with all kinds of crap that i really don't want them to have, so I don't take them out often. However, I knew if they saw Carrie (our speech therapist) they would be more than mad if they weren't involved.

They did ok without ANY special bribes.. until the end when I had to get them a sucker at the bank.. because

A) they are prominently displayed and can't be missed by ANY kid
B) Macy was going to throw a fit until she got one

As we were checking out, there is an abundance of magazine covers.. you all know that.. Macy pointed to the one with Britney on the cover and yelled: "Mommy, Mommy"? ummm no sweetheart.. that's not Mommy, but she kept doing it over & over.. I could feel the people behind me snickering.. I mean, I'll admit, I do look a "little" like Britney, I mean, we both have brown eyes? That's it, the similarities stop there..

But my heart did skip a bit when she then pointed to Tom Cruise and said: "Daddy?"..


Melissa Mullinax said...

ROFLMAO!! THAT is too funny, my dear. :D
And I LOVE your new header!! Adorable!!

Jessica said...

OMG. I love the new header... Where on EARTH did you find the time for that? And more importantly... Where's mine Brit?
Oh and do me a favor, tell Tom that he's a real PITA... He should totally lengthen Katie's leash... I'm looking forward to seeing her interview with Letterman on Monday.

My name is Tammie said...

Hot Britney is OK, crazy loon bad mommy Brit, not so much. And have you heard her new British accent?! Come on!!! The girl needs to be hospitalized.

Pookie said...

Love the new banner!!! And OMG better cut out these antics before Tom turns you in to the church.