Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In search of..........

I recently ran across this site .. I was doing a quick search online to look for a replacement blanket for Chase. I had no idea that this site was available. So an hour or so later, I was elbow deep in it... Hoping that I could help someone out .. I have countless toys and stuffed animals.. I was hoping that I would be able to reunite some small toddler out there with his/her prized possession.

Then I remembered a story about my cousin Leigh. When her son Brandon was a toddler, he had a stuffed Kitty. I "think" the kitty's name was "Kitty". This story is very fuzzy because it was soo long ago, but I remember Leigh visiting our Grandma with Brandon and Kitty. I remember Leigh making a comment about how she had to wash Kitty almost every day and she didn't know what was going to happen if she ever lost kitty because kitty was Brandon's best friend. I thought to myself how sweet is this.. I hope one day I have a child and they attach to some kind of animal or blanket.

Moving forward, My nephew Luke has/had a blankie and I remember that he could not fall asleep without it. Again, this is a little foggy too, but I know that his blanket is now only just a shred now.. a little tiny piece of fabric. I remember Shelly telling me stories about how he was so comforted by that blankie and NOTHING can take it's place.

So after I perused this site... I thought what the heck.. if someone has one of these laying around.. collecting dust.. give me a shout out..

so I present to you Exhibit A

This is Woof-Woof, He belongs to Macy. Macy became attached to him at 3 months. We put woof woof in her crib and they became instant friends. Woof-Woof was attached to a shower gift given to me by Chad's Aunt Tricia. We believe he came from the pound at Target. At one time I did read the tag on him to see if I could find an extra one. But after countless washings.. the tag is now unreadable. We named him woof-woof, but he will answer to roof-roof and just "woof". Macy can NOT, i repeat , Can NOT go to bed without woof-woof and she was nice enough to let me borrow him for a snapshot, although, she did put up a fight.

I now present to you Exhibit B

This is Chase's Bear Blankie. This is Chase's 2nd one, the first one was thrown away by me when it had a hole in it. (although it was different) . This bear blankie was given to us by Aunt Shelly and I believe it was a gift to her son Luke from her Mother-in-law. I can't pinpoint exactly when Chase decided that he loved this blankie. He likes to put the whole head of the bear in his mouth, it used to have a sqeaker in it. He likes to chew on the bear's head while going to sleep. So, since this bear was a gift to Luke.. I would guesstimate this Carter's blankie to be Circa 1999-2000. So if you have one of these or something similar and you don't need it anymore.. again.. you know where to find me. I found one of these on ebay, but it's expensive.

and last but not least, Exhibit C

While pregnant with the little monsters I worked for Citigroup, my co-workers threw me a nice shower. One of my favorite gifts was from a co-worker, Tonia. It was 3 matching preemie outfits with matching blankets. These outfits were to be their "coming home" outfits. Each with a different color, Devin's was green with this white blanket made by Carter's Child of Mine. I remember seeing these at Wal-Mart, but at the time I did NOT know that this would become Devin's all-time favorite blanket. They no longer carry this particular blanket. I know it's hard to tell from the crappy photo, but it's white with little yellow ducks. This blanket is now torn into two pieces. Devin will happily take Chase's blue one or Macy's pink one, but i'd like to hold on to these blankets to go with their coming home outfits that i've saved for them. So.. with that said.. you have one.. I need one..


My name is Tammie said...

Hey that duckie blanket, is it just the receiving blanket?

Stefanie~ said...

yes.. I believe it's the rec'v blanket..

Dirty Butter said...

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Dirty Butter said...

I just looked on eBay, and there are 6 of your Beep Beep blankies there right now. Hopefully, it's the right one.

Julie said...

I have a beep beep if you need one. My son never got attached to his at all.

My name is Tammie said...

I think I have the receiving blanket. I will have to look for ya.