Saturday, September 08, 2007

Concordia Biergarten

Once again.. Concordia Fair snuck up on us... I'll go into more detail about the fair later on when I PROMISE to have a slideshow of the pictures.. But for now.. you know the drill.. you get a sneak peek of the pics.. you know the ones that I always say i'm going to put up and then don't.. I'm drowning in pics right now.. I got up at 6AM this morning and started working on Girl's Party pics.... partly because A.) I need to get them done.. B) my sick cat had me up all night and I couldn't sleep ...

So here is a pic of Chase & Devin on the Motorcycles.... This year was 1) More fun than last year in terms of "rides" AND 2) MORE EXPENSIVE because of said rides.. but I must admit.. the slide was the most fun and we rode it twice..

I know that in this picture it looks as if the kids are not liking it too much.. but I can assure you.. They could NOT WAIT to go back up those steps.. we had to go again because Chase got up and ran to the steps... This slide is HUGE.. they put you in little sacks and you fly down it... It was fun!!! I have to admit.. i'm not much of a slide person either..

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