Monday, September 10, 2007


I added this little music player to my blog.... I won't keep it up for long.. I was playing around with it and wanted to share my musical taste with you.. I'm a country girl through & through... but i'm not a huge fan of New Country.. nope.. the older, the better.. I LOVE old Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, OLD George Strait, Barbara Mandrell.. the older the better... Don't get me wrong.. I do love some new country, but i'd take the old over the new any day.. I can remember being in the car driving home from my Grandma S's house.. whom we visited almost weekly.. and my Dad singing to me.. no particular song comes to mind, although I think I remember this one.. "hey, if you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world".. "Tell her, I'm sorry".. By: Glenn Campbell..

I do like some other rap stuff too.. but not much.. If it has a good beat.. I like it.. so.. just wanted to show my musical versatility.. and i hope to blog about something more meaningful soon.. The kids were sick all last week.. so my Photo blog has been neglected...


Jennifer Mullinax said...

I'm going to have your blog up all night listening!! :) "At Last" is the song Jared and I had our first dance to on our Wedding Day...Love, Love, Love it!!!

Leigh said...

Whoa! Hold on, sister. My dad used to sing that one to me each morning while I ate my cereal. Not because he thought I was the most beautiful girl in the world, but because he enjoyed tormenting his grumpy daughter each morning at the breakfast table. I knew that song like the back of my hand, and I must say that according to my memory, Charlie Rich sang it.

Trust me, I spent many days of my young life searching for that song on jukeboxes back then. And when my Grandpa G. had a bar and was auditioning bands, I actually requested that song each time one would play. They were all rock bands, so they just thought I was some stupid kid that was being annoying. I'm pretty sure my parents set me up for that one.

Maybe Glenn Campbell sang one version as well, but I seriously doubt it was as good as Charlie Price.

Melissa Mullinax said...

You *know* what I think of "Sexyback", girlfriend. LOL! ;)
Work it!!

ANd Rick Springfield....*sigh* Wasn't he just the cutest back then!? I dig that song. :D

Thanks for sharing!

Ronald Twente said...

It was Charlie (The Silver Fox) Rich, who first sang and MADE famous, "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World".