Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sheet Cake recipe..

oh my goodness. i'm doubled over, crying my eyes out.. laughing.. i mean, i can't remember the last time I laughed until I cried... If you don't find this funny or even "slightly" amusing.. you need to be checked out...

Leigh is a hoot.. and the funny thing about this story is that I can totally *hear* her telling it, and to me, and those of us that know her.. is the best part of the story.....

go.. now.. and read it..

EDITED TO ADD: that really was my comment on PW's blog...


Anonymous said...

Take your pick!

Oleo is a term for oils. It is commonly used to refer to a variety of things:

Oleic acid
A type of shock absorbers on airplane landing gear. See: Oleo (shock absorber)
A Sonny Rollins bebop piece. See Oleo (composition)
An open source spreadsheet. See GNU Oleo
A popular Lyrics website at
Óleo is also a city in the São Paulo state in Brazil.
GNU Oleo, a spreadsheet program

I hope this helps you out in your culinary experiences in the future!

Uncle Kevin

S~ said...

Kevin... I was the one that didn't know what oleo was.. not Leigh...