Tuesday, October 03, 2006


My kidlets don't nap anymore and I feel like crying.. As i'm typing this.. Devin is screaming in his crib and has been crying since 10:00 (it's now 11:30).. He & Chase will NOT nap anymore.. NO MORE NAPS... I don't know what to do.. ?? Macy is happy with taking a nap most days, but not the boys.. They want their binky's, but then they throw them on the floor as soon as I give them to them.. Experienced Mom's.. I need some support before I pull all my remaining hair out.. If I get them up out of their crib, what kind of message am I sending to them?

Ok.. I really am crying, you thought I was just saying that...

WHAT DO I DO ?????????????????????

*****UPDATE: It is now 1:15, Devin has been up since 7 AM and still no nap.. ??? *****


Anonymous said...

I had a "no napper" in Justin. Of course, I didn't have two or three "no nappers"! The best thing we did for him was take him out of the crib and put him in a regular bed. He felt he could sleep on his own terms - if and when. I doubt that seems like a viable option for you, but it's just a suggestion. I feel your pain if it's any consolation!


Lenhartfamily said...

Whats your daily schedule? Were they still doing 2 naps or down to 1?
Don't give up yet!! Ours went through a stage as they were trying to transition to one nap, luckily it only lasted about a week or 2 until I figured out what worked......and they finally got TIRED!! :)

At this point I have found the best schedule for us is to put them down between 12-1. Then they usually sleep until 3 or 4.
They do get tired in the morning, but if we run errands and stay active it seems to make the time go faster.
If for some reason they are just done with naps in general, there is nothing wrong with an hour or so of quiet time in their cribs, reading or resting. It just may take them a while to get used to it. I totally understand........I think I would go crazy without my QUIET time!!
Hang in there!!! :)Katie

Mom of Eryn, Maya and Kyra......almost 2 years old!!

Melissa M. said...

Oh, gosh!! It's been so long I don't remember any tips to share with you....but I just wanted to say I hope it gets better real soon.


Anonymous said...

Strangely enough Evan was a no napper as a baby, but turned into a major napper once he became a toddler. I guess it had to do with his activity level. I am a huge, huge, huge believer in outside time for kids. Maybe 30 minutes outside the first part of the morning and then another 30 minutes later in the morning. If you don't already do that, then I think it's worth a real try. I remember doing a lot of reading or projects out on the back porch table when Evan was 1. I let Evan explore the backyard like crazy. I suggest outside time right up until you have to go in to make lunch. However much time you can stand outside, it's worth it. Feel those bellies at lunchtime and maybe while cleaning up the mess you can put on a relaxing c.d. or dvd. Then sit down and read a story to them. I would then put them down for a nap. I love my "me" time so much that I don't even put them down for nap until the kitchen is clean because I don't want that to be part of *my* time. :) If it were me, and I'm mean, I would leave them crying each day until they finally figured out that I wasn't coming to get them out. Forget about the kids, *you* need quiet time. Show them who's boss!!! (If you've seen my blog lately, then you'll know that I say that tongue in cheek). :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Stefanie - how frustrating! It may be time to go to one nap! trust me... it will be okay. :) My boys go down now at 1:00, fall asleep almost immediately, and wake up during Dr. Phil. It's perfect!

Sounds like you need a night out... like maybe Thursday???? :)


Anonymous said...

I agree with the outside suggestion, let those boys run! How do they sleep at night? I read in one of the Parents that sometimes a little one could be not getting enough rest during the night, this causing them to be really overtired and then they fight naps? I feel for you hon, I am sure you need a getaway, but it will get better! Hang in there.

Jennifer M. said...

Oh Stef~ I agree with Kara...I think you need an evening out...and maybe a couple drinks...hope you can make it Thursday!! My only suggestion is to seperate the boys. Isabelle spends many naptimes in the crib in our room...she may not always sleep but atleast her sister can get some rest!! Hoping this is only a phase...that they will quickly grow out of!! If you need to vent or just chat give me a call!! ~Jen