Monday, October 02, 2006

New School??

Ok. after the events the last few weeks.. I have lost count how many school shootings there have been, but today as I was feeding the kidlets, I heard the news of the school shooting at the Amish School.. I thought to myself.. Ok.. If there is a shooting at an amish school.. all hope is lost.. I am beginning to think my kiddos might be better off being home schooled.... anyone who knows me, knows that i'm very much the procrastinator.. so what's wrong with learning ABC's in 6th grade?? ( I'm sooooo just kidding, no hate mail please)...

Anyway, i'm tired of this school shooting crap.. what's wrong with America.. ?? The last two weren't even kids at the school..



Anonymous said...

I thought the same..., "Oh my God - I'll be sending MY kids to school..." How scary.

Take care, hug those kids! :)


Melissa M. said...

It's a scary thing. We just now got a bomb threat at the high school next door. Good grief!