Friday, October 06, 2006

better days are a comin......

Thank you to everyone for the great nap advice... I really had a horrible time that day.. I was trying to get everything ready for a photo session in Concordia.. As well as getting all the kidlets stuff ready to take with them to Papou & Mawmaw's.. Anyway, as soon as I got them loaded up in the van.. Devin went right to sleep...

So.. we are trying a new schedule and it's not yet perfected, but I suspect in a few weeks we'll have it down... I need to start getting them up earlier in the morning.. anyway, we've been doing one nap/day.. and I got to tell you, it sucks around 10:30 - 11:00 when they are soo soo tired.. but If I can just get them interested in something or take them outside then we can make it..

Uncle Kevin is here for the American Royal BBQ! We are all going tonight.. minus the kiddos.. I'm excited to get out for a night.. Papou & Mawmaw will be here with the kiddos...

In other news.. I got my haircut.. SHORT.. er.. I was getting preeettty tired of it.. so it's gone.. I feel much lighter and it's soo much easier to take care of..

Chase has his first Black eye.. yep.. he fell and hit his eye on the toy chest.. Poor guy.. he cried for a couple minutes, but he was back up in no time and playing hard as ever!!
Have a great weekend!


Lenhartfamily said...

That is a hard time for us too. I sometimes even start lunch at 10:30. They are happy eating and then usually have a second wind after for a little while and I can put them down around noon or 1pm and they just CRASH!!
Have a great night out!!!

:)Katie-Mom of Eryn, Maya and Kyra-almost 2!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chase is going to be like his daddy. Rough and tough and always on the go. Can't catch him!!! It will be the first of many. Have Fun

Love ya all,
Aunt Diann

Jessica said...

Glad things got better in your house! Schedule changes are the worst...I agree!
I think we all need a picture of your new 'do... What's a girl gotta do to get a preview??