Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kitchen stuff... & Mystery case files..

Ok.. Thanks to Whoorl.. I'm not getting too much done.. I'm now a "snoop" and am working my way up!!

Now.. I have some kitchen questions.. Although, I might be a little pre-mature on the Kitchen makeover, I want to have some ideas.... Those of you out there that check my blog, family, friends, friends of friends, lurkers....Tell me what you like & dis-like about your kitchen....

Here are some things we are considering, but need to do a little research..

1) Double oven (little one at the top & big one).. anyone not like this? (phleta, I know you have this one and you're half-half on the idea, no pun intended.. LOL)

2) 2 Dishwasher Drawers, one for small loads, two for double loads (Martha, I need to hear from you on this one)

3) yesterday at NFM, we saw a newer oven that has a microwave Drawer above the oven, the oven takes the place of the little warming drawer at the bottom and at the top is a micro drawer, this is a fairly new idea, but we wonder how well it works.. it is a major space saver...

4) i'm so against a compactor (bacteria bucket), but Chad loves the compactor... thoughts???

So those of you out there.. tell me what you would do different with your kitchen, what would you choose to sink your money into?

EVERYONE.. comment please!!


Leigh said...

I only have two words - NO TILE! I still can't believe this tiling in our kitchen was considered an upgrade. I would definitely like a double oven in the kitchen. We have a new dishwasher that has a deep bottom drawer, and I really like that. I *never* have small dishwasher loads, so I'd never have a need to do any small loads. Also, I know stainless steel is very popular, but I'm not liking it at all. It's way too much maintenance for me in terms of handprints all over and always looking dirty. I'd put my money into granite countertops and did I already mention NO TILE! I don't know how much I'd like a trash compactor, but since I've never had one, I really don't know how useful I'd find it. Oh, as much as I hated the windows over my kitchen countertops, I'm loving them now because I always have so much light in the kitchen. I'm sure I've offered no help, but these are my opinions.

Jennifer M. said...

....hmmm if I could do my kitchen over....I'd change the color of my cabinets and floors to a dark cherry (what I wanted originally but was talked out of) and I'd have a bigger pantry...that's pretty much all I would change...I LOVE my kitchen!! Little things about my kitchen...I have a cabinet especially for cookies sheets, pizza pans, cutting boards, sounds like a small thing but it's great...there is no digging required...& I use those things alot!!! I also have a little pop cabinet in front of the store sponges, baby bottle cleaner, pampered chef scraper..etc...I love it gets those things off the sink!! I'm so excited for you..can't wait to see the finished product...and remember I have a hubby in the plumming/light business if you need estimates!!:) ~Jen

Anonymous said...

Maytag Gemini --- not loving it. I had the two oven set up before I remodeled my kitchen and loved that - have to give that up with the remodel, and tried to fake myself out with the Maytag Gemini. I've only used the top smaller oven maybe twice in 5 years, and the lower over is nearly on the floor. the additional cost isn't worth it. I also agree with Leigh on the stainless steel. Looks great for about 5 minutes after you clean it, then every figure print and/or smudge is there for everyone to see. Also - Im hearing that folks love the frig that has the freezer in the botton drawer. I'm anxiously waiting for my side-by-side (which I hate) to die!

S~ said...

yes.. we are agreed on the new french door refrigerator... with the bottom freezer drawer.. not sure we can afford it though.. Thanks for the heads up on Stainless steel.. I was actually thinking about going that route, i think i'll rethink that..