Wednesday, July 26, 2006

blog.. blah.. blah...

Ok.. so i'm getting back to normal.. just two days away from home can cause alot of chaos around here!! We had a great time in St. Louis!! It was kind of a vacay for me, Shelly had it all under control, as well as taking care of her two boys, she had mine taken care of before I even got up.. so I got to sleep in a couple days!! So i'm embarrassed about this, but I forgot my camera... MY CAMERA... I wanted to take all kinds of great shots outside, so you'll have to settle for a picture of Kevin for now... We are excited for the weekend as Chad's family is coming in town from as far away as Massachusets, Ohio & Wisconsin & St. Louis. We can't wait to meet our new cousins, Nathan, Andon & Natalie.. What fun we'll have around the pool and this time I'll have my camera!!

yesterday we had a playdate with the Mctriples & the Mullinax's.. it was so much fun!!! 9 kids, 3 Mommies... I'll have pics later.. however, while we were outside soaking up the sun.. My kids were napping!!

Mackenzie & Morgan are here and we're gonna go take some pics, then head out to Nebraska Furniture Mart with Chad & the kiddos to look at KITCHENS!! I *might* be getting an updated kitchen along with new CABINETS!!!!! I am losing sleep at night thinking of having a cool kitchen!!! So we're gonna go look at some ideas!!


Anonymous said...

I really like that pic of Mac and Morg! I also love the pic of your friends and their children in your pool with the **ELECTRIC** pool cleaner in the deep end!
Uncle Kevin

S~ said...

It was UNPLUGGED!!! LOL.. that was funny!