Wednesday, August 13, 2008

underwear grief..

Dear Hanes & Fruit of the Loom,
Is this a conspiracy? I would like to offer a suggestion! Before turning out your next batch of 2T, 3T, 4T & 5T and maybe some 6T underpants, might you try a test panel out?

I'd like to offer up my two boys as your test panel.. I'm not looking for any kind of monetary reimbursement, however, if you would try a test panel out with your underwear, you would find that by putting the design on the back, you are aggravating not only the little kids who wear them, but driving the Mothers to go hide in a closet and never come out.. Is this what you want? We love your Diego's, Cars', Spiderman's & Batman's.. But for the love of all that is good, Can you PLEASE put the Diego's on the front... My son has been chasing himself around in circles like he is trying to catch his tail for days now.. I finally had to give in and turn them around.... I hope that you will still be around in 10 or 15 years from now when he has to go to Therapy for this?

and Mr. Fruit of the Loom, Please read this open letter that was written by my cousin Leigh.... We can't all be crazy? (or maybe so)

An Open Letter

Dear Hanes & Fruit of the Loom,

I can't be the first mother to write you with this complaint. I feel quite certain that other mothers have been there and done that for as many years as you've been making toddler underwear. Beginning in 1996, when my first child had moved from diapers to underwear, I had to put my child in backwards fitting underwear. For the love of God and all that is right could you simply put the Pokemon, Scooby Doo, Yugioh, Barney, Little Pony, Little Mermaid, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and any of your assorted princesses on the front of the underwear and not the back?

This would help mothers like myself that do not have the mental fortitude to carry on any long drawn out conversations with a toddler that thinks that the big princess or pony should not be to the back of the underwear but to the front. Accidents that happen on the front end, not so bad, but those accidents that happen on the back end, while wearing underwear backwards, not so great.

I would ask you to please just make plain white underwear but who are we kidding - no self respecting toddler or small child would be caught dead wearing those plain things. Underwear must contain some kind of cartoon character or we're back to wearing diapers. I need leverage.

Consider my request. It will only help me a few more years but if I can save some young mom in the future, then I've done my job.


Rachel's Mom
President of Ponies and Princesses to the Front


McTriplet Mommy said...

Amen, Sista!!

Melissa Mullinax said...

LOL!! Excellent point!

And might I say your model is just too stinkin' cute there.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I didn't have that problem!!!! And then again he liked boxers once he tried them and their designs are ALL over. At 18 he still likes the designs on his boxers.
Love to all,
Aunt Diann

Leigh said...

Count yourself lucky though that you'll fight this battle just once..three of them at a time, but just a brief period of your life. I've been fighting this battle for 12 years! :)

My name is Tammie said...

Yes! OMG its so annoying!!!