Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a FREE giveaway... FREE...FREE...FREE.. Contest Extented..

***Contest will be extended until Thursday 7/24/2008*** Get your Photo Entry in NOW...

Yep.. that's right.. FREE... The wonderful people at Chicco approached me to give away a double stroller to my wonderful readers... It's the new ...


The Chicco Trevi Twin has a light-weight aluminum frame weighing only 23 lbs. The multi-position, individually reclining seats and adjustable leg supports provide comfort and security with 5-point harnesses. All-wheel suspension and front wheel swivel locks provide a smooth ride. The adjustable, removable canopies, with zip-off back flap for ventilation, window & storage pocket protect from rain, wind and cold. The large baskets provide plenty of storage for all the things your children need. Convenient parent's cupholder included. The compact, one-hand activated, umbrella style folding, automatic storage latch & carry handle makes travel and storage easy.

and what makes this twin stroller even better.. it fits through doorways.. It's narrower than the double strollers that are on the market right now, and we all know how hard it is to get through the doorways with a big ol' stroller.. sometimes there are people around to help, but not always.

You can read more about this brand new stroller HERE .. This stroller retails for only $219.00!

How can you win this spankin new stroller?

The Rules

1. Post your name and email and link to your blog if you have one in comments

2 Post on your blog about this contest and link back to me

3. Take a picture

4. The picture must be taken this week (starting right now)

5. Picture must have at least one child with the words CHICCO incorporated in it somehow, Photoshop is ok.. Be creative!

6. e-mail the photo to me at

7. Contest ends Thursday 7/24/2008 @ 9 pm CST

8. I will post the photos you send to me HERE

***I will choose the final four photos and post them here for YOU to vote on your favorite on Friday 7/25/2008***

9. Get Creative & Have fun shooting!!!!

Winner will be announced on Monday 7/28/2008

Let's show Chicco how much we appreciate their Generosity.. Who knows you might have the next Chicco Cover girl/boy !!


Melissa Mullinax said...

Damn, girl! This is sweet! Congrats on the cool opportunity!


Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

I need another stroller like I need a hole in my head, but this one would be put to good use, I can assure you and the fine folks at Chicco1


John Sonnier said...

We have a Foundations Triplets that we hate. Having a double would be great!

our blog is...

gini said...

due with #6 in Feb.09--definitely could use a stroller like this.

Baby Blog Addict said...

What an awesome contest and stroller! I'll post it on my blog tomorrow to spread the word.

Jackaroos Boutique Blog

Aimee said...

Fun contest!! I posted on my blog and I'll email you the picture soon!!! Thanks!

Pam said...

awesome! i took a perfect picture for this...hee hee!

as an admitted stroller addict, this contest is right up my alley!

Missy said...

Thanks for having the contest! Our blog is...
And I am going to do a picture also if okay?
Missy Gurley

Pam said...

ps email is

Chad, Amy, Grace and Olivia said...

This is an awesome contest...
Amy Maddox

Sammy'smommy said...

Awesome contest!!! We have a graco double, and a chicco single, not a huge fan of the graco

Hannah said...

Awesome! We would love to have one of these :)

Angie & Richard said...

I linked the contest to my blog and sent you the photo. Good luck to all!


SloppyJoe said...


Great contest! Please see our entry on our blog.

Michael and William would be so happy to ride around in the comfort of a Chicco Stroller.

Joe and Jennifer Fandel

The Lloyd Family said...

Oh! I NEED this! I have a tandem style triple stroller and a side by side triple stroller that won't fit through a door no matter how you turn it! I have almost 3 month old triplet boys. This would make travel SO much easier!

OH BOY, I have to get to working on a picture and blog post.. It's so hard to get a good picture of the boys this young. It seems one is always doing something, like crying, slipping, flinging hands around and hitting their know.

My blog is

the schirano triplets said...

since our double stroller isn't really working anymore, we are in desperate need of a new one. especially since we use it nearly every single day. count me in! i am sending you the photo right now :)

The Lloyd Family said...

Oh, my email is!