Sunday, July 13, 2008

Elmer makes me cry...

Yep.. Elmer.. You know Elmer.. from Elmers Glue.. He made me cry today! Can my babies really be ready for pre-school? The school supply shopping has begun.. I think i'm going to be ok.. But when that bus turns the corner and my two little... I mean.. Big.. Boys get on with their Diego and Batman backpacks.. i'm going to cry for a few weeks and maybe more..

Macy will be at a different pre-school.. I might volunteer to help out there so that I can try to keep my composure for at least a few hours..


Melissa Mullinax said...

STOP!!! I refuse to buy school supplies yet!! LOL!

How exciting for your babies though...they grow entirely too fast.


Lowa said...

Just don't send them! LOL Seriously. Take them to play with friends etc and you can do anything they would do at preschool yourself at home.

Just a suggestion. It is exciting yet sad to send them off. I sent my older two and with the younger two decided to save my money and use it to meet friends at the Children's Museum, parks, etc. The younger two did not miss anything. They both read, etc just fine! We can do crafts and fun stuff at home and still have a blast with friends.

I like your blog!

Jessica said...

I feel your pain girl... I have no idea how on earth we're going to do this. I however refuse to put my kids on the bus... REFUSE. I will be driving the boys to school.