Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Baldwin Triplets!!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my 3 little rocks!! We had a great party.. Thanks to everyone who came and braved the hot sun! And a very special Thank you to MawMaw, Aunt Diann, Grandma S for your help!

Well.. here they are...


Our first born... This little girl is ALL GIRL... She loves her babies, purs
es, shoes... and PINK.. everything has to be pink. Macy is a bit deceiving.. If the kids are doing something they aren't supposed to do, it was probably her idea. If there is a fight, she is usually the instigator. She knows how to work us. She loves all things Dora. She loves to be rocked at night and she loves to sing "Wheels on the bus" and "Twinkle Twinkle little star". She knows her bedtime prayer by heart. She can say her ABC's and 123's. If Grandma S is around, she forgets about everybody else, she is definitely a Grandma's Girl and has been known to wake up and ask immediately where Grandma is and ask to go see her. Daddy gave her her first Doll house for her Birthday and i'm sure that she'll spend hours playing with that. She can also out "throw" any of the boys. She's sweet when she wants to be, but when this girl is mad.. OH BOY.. she will let you know. Her gorgeous blue eyes and curly hair will get her out of anything. Her laugh will make you laugh. We love her TONS and TONS....


Our first born son.. Chase. He really lives up to his name. This little guy will keep you on your toes for sure. He is fast. He is strong, and he is BU-SY.. Chase never stops, he's like the energizer bunny. Moving all the time. He is my most challenging for sure. Chase's speech has really taken off in the last few months. He talks non stop now. He towers over his brother & sister and outweighs them by almost 10 lbs or so. He is solid muscle. I can barely pick him up anymore. Sometimes I forget that he is the same age as the other two. But Chase has a very sweet side to him. One night when i was doing laundry down in the basement and the kids were coming down the stairs, Macy was calling out to me that she wanted me to hold her hand, I told her i would get there in just a minute, but Chase went up the stairs and grabbed her hand and said.. "I help you Macy" and when they got to the bottom, Macy said "thank you" and Chase said "Your welcome Macy" it was soo sweet. Chase has been known to just come up to me and hug me and kiss me for no reason at all, just because he finally stopped and decided it was time for a hug. Chase LOVES to swim & run.. Sometimes we call him Forrest, when he runs he doesn't want to stop. We love you so much Chase!!


Our 2nd Born Son. Chase & Macy were born in the same minute, Devin has a minute all to his own, which really describes his personality to a T. Devin goes to the beat of his own Drum, he is not easily influenced by anything or anyone, he is very much independent and cannot be talked into doing anything he doesn't want to do. We've always called him our quiet "thinker" , even as an infant we could really tell that this boy was always thinking and not much has changed. Devin loves to watch tv and can sometimes be found on the floor with a pillow and blanket just chillin! Devin loves his Blue Yanket (blanket) and now loves his Diego towel he got for his Birthday. Devin has a smile that can light up a room and his laugh is infectious. ***Edited: Grandpa Schuette gave the kids a T-ball set for their birthday but Devin decided he didn't need the Tee and was able to hit the ball as it was pitched to him. Maybe he'll be a baseball star? But whatever Devin decides to do, you can bet that it will be the best. Devin loves puzzles and he likes tedious things like stacking blocks or stringing strings. He loves to swim and as of recent, loves to jump in the pool. He loves his MawMaw and when he's with her, nothing else matters. Devin is such a delight to have in our lives and we love him like crazy.



MaryBeth said...

Happy Birthday!! Isn't it music to a mother's ears to hear your children being polite to each other... without prompting? I just love it when my girls say "thank you" and "you're welcome" to one another!

Jessica said...

Too big. Too Too big. I love you guys, miss you like crazy... :)
Happy birthday kiddos!!

Melissa Mullinax said...

Seriously some awesome kiddos you have there. What a great day!!
Happy 3rd Birthday!!


(LOL..."three little rocks"..you kill me!)


PRRR said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to you, Macy, Chase & Devin!!! Looks like you had an awesome swim party. The cake looks yummy! Lots of love, kisses and hugs from Paige & Dan.

Leigh said...

Cute summary of each one. They will definitely appreciate your words as they get older, so keep this entry somewhere safe.

How funny. I just realized, while typing this, that the person with the blogger identity of PRRR is our cousin. I honestly thought you had a friend that was just a little too obsessed with cats or thought herself some kind of cat.

Our 7th birthday party had to be postponed since our dude returned from golf camp last Friday with a 2nd degree sunburn and his party is taking place at the pool. I'll have to write something sweet like your post when I finally post pictures from his birthday.

Your kids are BEAUTIFUL!!!


Anonymous said...

I've been so waiting for these pictures. I love the description of each of them. It makes me think that I know them at least a little.

Happy third birthday to Macy, Chase and Devin. We would have loved to be at the party!


Laney said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful big kids!!

Anonymous said...

Happy bday to your cute triplets!