Friday, May 09, 2008

up really close & Personal

with our American Idol.. David Cook.. Jen & I could have almost reached out and touched him if we wanted to..

Here's a few for now.. more later..


McTriplet Mommy said...

It is 11:45, I got all of two hours of sleep last night, i just got home from Wicked... and I *had* to come see if you'd updated your blog!! :) He is sooooo yummy. :) :) :)

Sorry if I creeped you out tonight with my texts!! I was laughing so hard at your, "Who is this??!!"

Talk soon - hope you are doing well.

Take care,

Melanie said...

awesome photos!!!!! That last one is so David Cook, hahaha.
You are a lucky gal!

Jessica said...

Maaaan...If only I lived closer. An experience of a lifetime I'm sure!! Good for you Stef. Miss you!!

Melissa Mullinax said...

Way to go, girlfriend!! You did great! I'm so proud of you!!

Now if I only knew who this guy was....I've never watched American Idol. :O (ducking as I leave the room now) LOL!