Friday, February 08, 2008


Today was our last Gymboree class.. We had 8 classes and it was alot of fun. The kiddos really loved playing on all the equipment.. We might try to do another class sometime closer to home. Thank you Grandma S for coming along to help with most of the classes. Here are some photos from today!


Jennifer Mullinax said...

We are so sad you aren't going to be at next session...we will have to start having playdates again so we get to see eachother more!! :) ~J

Leigh said...

Look how serious Chase looks in these photos! That whole playing thing was serious business to him. I loved the one where he was holding the rope and looking at the leader as if to say, "Am I doing this correctly? Should my hands be placed precisely three inches apart or four?"

And looking at Macy makes me think that I really should put my girl in tights more often because she looked pretty cute with those leggings.