Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
Listen, I know you saw me.. I was the little girl that was crying.. Let me first start by apologizing for not making eye contact with you.. I was sure that if I made eye contact with you, you still might want me to sit on your lap.. and let's face it, you and I both know that WAS NOT going to happen.
ok.. so since I didn't get to talk to you in person.. I wanted to make sure that we covered a few things..

1.) we don't have a chimney.. could you please come through the front door, as it is closest to the Christmas tree.

2.) if we forget to leave you cookies and milk.. feel free to eat some cheerios off the floor..

3.) Will you be packing up our gifts for delivery before or after Christmas Eve Church services? Just curious, because I can't promise that we're going to be good.. and I can almost ASSURE you that Chase is not..

4.) Please forgive me for not making eye contact with you.

5.) if you have a few extra things in your sleigh this year.. could you please bring our Mommy some Botox and some extra hours in the day? Also, an extra arm would be nice too..

6.) Chase & Devin say Hi too.. See you Christmas Eve.. Drive Safe and tell Rudolph Hi from us!

Love, Macy


Leigh said...

I'm just surprised that you got two out of the three to sit on Santa's lap. I'm three for three for NOT ever sitting on Santa's lap. They're all for Santa coming into our house in the middle of the night, but to sit on his lap, that is pure terror.

Jessica said...

you know 2 out of 3 really isn't bad... I got one. We're going to go for 5 on Saturday. I'll let you know how that turns out once I get back from the loony bin, unless they let me make phone calls. And then you'll be my one phone call. :)

nailgirl said...

Go over to my blog and see the kids all through the years on santas lap. Priceless.

Tripletblessed said...

1 for 3 here! Only 1 will go near the man. They all run to him but about 5 feet away the brakes come out and the screaming begins.

Anonymous said...


Yes I do remember you and your 2 brothers. Don"t worry about the eye contact, the most important contact is the heart contact. And you did contact my heart.

Santa isn't sure when I will get around to your house, but rest assured that I know the address and will be there after you go to sleep.

Be good for Mom and Dad.

I will talk to you again next year.

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good NIght.....

Stef~ said...

Awww..Secret Santa...

that was sweet..

I "think" i know who you are!!

Anonymous said...


Santa Claus