Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Funny Baby Clothes

I told you yesterday that I'd have something "good & juicy" for you today.. and I will not disappoint.. yeah yeah.. I know that it's 12:09 am.. so "technically" it's not really "tuesday" anymore.. but just pretend like it's 12:09 pm..

I was surfin the net tonight... Looking for some cute little t-shirts.... and I found THIS cute site.. The cutest onesies & T-shirts you've ever seen..

I'm really diggin this one HERE and look at this one HERE and who do you think this one could belong to HERE

So... visit the site.. shop around!! These are just adorable...


Laney said...

Hi Stephanie!
I love that site too. Did you read (I assume you probably did) that if you rave about them in your blog that they'll send you free shirts? They even sent me three for free!

Anonymous said...

I've seen babies wearing these and they are sooo cute. I love ab/cd, very hip!