Saturday, August 11, 2007

my 3 Beckham's..

David Beckam's got nothing on these 3 soccer stars... Me, Grandma & Grandpa took them to a Lil Kickers open house this morning, where they got to run up & down the field, kick balls and just be crazy.. It was kinda dark in there, but I got a few pictures... Let me tell ya, Chase got a workout, he was the only one in the "bunnies" group that ran the entire field.. 3 TIMES.. All the other kids pretty much stayed where they were supposed to.. Chase.. not so much. He disrupted a few other soccer games. The coaches tried to get the little "bunnies" to play "red light/green light".. but they didn't know that they were dealing with a "green light all the time" kind of kid.. He doesn't know what "red light" or "orange light" is.. As she said green light they all ran, she said red light, they all stopped and Chase kept running like he was Forrest Gump. Ahhh.. I always say.. I have 3 kids.. One Boy, One Girl & One Chase..

I know this picture of Macy is breaking all kinds of photography rules.. but I wanted to show how long her hair is getting.. if it wasn't so curly it would be at about her upper/middle back.

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Leigh said...

O.k., the comment about Chase running like Forrest Gump cracked me up. Macy has the same hair as Rachel. When I wash it it goes all the way down to the middle of her back, but it falls right around shoulder length or shorter when dry.

Also, the fact that your kids actually talk to the guy dressed as a bear amazes me because none of my kids have liked those types of animals. Rachel tried to hide under a table at Chuck E Cheese's when she saw Chuck E.