Thursday, August 09, 2007

it's not the heat, it's the humidity..

no it's not.. it's the dang heat.. it's soooooooo Hot outside.. it's record breaking hot.. 2 minutes outside and your drenched in sweat.. and what about the midwest humidity? Yuck.. The kids are stir crazy lately.. We try to go outside at least once a day, but it's soo hot and I really can't take them swimming by myself so we try to come up with things to do.. Today I borrowed the neighbor's little pool and let them play with the hose and the pool.. they seemed to have fun with that.. Then I tried to get them interested in Kara's idea of painting with water.. Not so much. they just drank the water, or poured it over each others heads.. This morning I buzzed they boys hair.. it was getting long and I know how hot that has to be for them.. So check out the new "do's"..


ann said...

I love the new "do's" Stef, they look like "Big" boys now. Too cute but, please don't tell me Macy is next.HA Lots of Love,Ann

Anonymous said...

Ann - you took the words right out of my mouth!! They are darling!!
Aunt Diann

Shannon said...

I usually buzz Bradley's hair in the summer. Just easier and cooler. I really like their hair cuts. Try wetting down Macy's hair before she goes out. It worked with Kalleigh to keep her cool.

Leigh said...

Direct from Rachel, as she just walked in and saw these pictures:

"That Rachel right there." (last photo of Macy from behind).

"I look for Evan in the pool. I look for my drink. Evan, get my drink." (Evan is Devin in the pool.

When I asked about Chase's picture she said, "That you."

Oh, she's very convinced that these photos are of us. I only wish we lived closer so that she could hang out with them. Macy needs someone to help her with the boy to girl ratio. So does Rachel.