Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Let's go streaking.........

Every night I put the boys in PJ's, that are zipped in the back.. I also try to put some kind of underwear on over their diaper.. if i remember.. every morning this week i've walked in to the boys room and have been greeted with this:

Naked as a Jailbird...... usually there is a nice little present in there for me too.. Thanks Chase & Devin.... Macy only likes to streak if she sees the boys doing it, which could mean T-R-O-U-B-L-E for us in the future.. ughh.. Good times.. I think tonight i'm going to duct tape them like Mummies.. Let's see them get out of that??

In other news... We are full ahead on our Speech Therapy, Although, they are saying Everything.. EVERYTHING that I say.. Macy is my little helper and likes to point her finger to Chase and say.. "NOW".. which is a favorite word of mine ... We had our speech class this morning.. We Love our Therapist, Carrie. The kids loooove her and she always has new & exciting things for them to see & do. They get soo excited when they see her come in the door with literally a laundry basked overflowing with toys & books.. Here are a couple pics from this morning.

Wait til you see the FABULOUS banner that is in the works... Hint.. CHOO CHOO

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Melissa Mullinax said...

That's wonderful!! about the streaking but about the speech therapy. LOL! It's definitely something that you won't regret doing for in this Kindergarten teacher. :)
And plus they look like they are having a blast!