Wednesday, January 03, 2007

***Interuption*** Public Service Message..

I have to interrupt this blog with this Message: Don't EVER, EVER, EVER, buy an HP computer.. I think I would be better off with 2 cans with a string, OR a fisher-price computer than an HP..

We've had this computer less than a year..and it is the biggest PITA..

I've only spent 2 hours,, YES.. 2 HOURS on the phone with some guy in India.. with the simplest of problems that he just cannot figure out... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD................... the kids are now awake and i'm in tears to this guy... I've spent their ENTIRE nap on the phone with them..

Friends don't let friends buy HP.........just don't do it..


Anonymous said...

I thought everyone bought a Dell. Just kidding. I think that all computers have their issues. I did that same call a couple of weeks ago in the middle of Christmas preparations and must have talked to the same guy. Actually, I had to call Microsoft because I had just upgraded to 7.0 and that was a big problem. "Dinesh" did fix my problem and was quite proud of himself and wanted a medal, I think. He probabaly doesn't always have success!!


Anonymous said...

I bet Habib was thinking the same thing I am... Operator Error!

Uncle Kevin

More Pics!!!!!