Wednesday, January 03, 2007

crib jumper..

on my triplets e-mail group I saw an e-mail about a crib jumper.. OH MY GOSH.. how could I have forgotten to blog about Saturday morning.. when my moniter was beeping and the only reason that my moniter would be beeping would be because it is un-plugged.. so when i came downstairs and entered the nursery to find Chase walking around holding the moniter in his hand.. I was beyond freaked out.. He climbed out.. not once, not twice, but 3 times.. so when C was out running errands I asked him to pick up a crib tent.. he did come home with 2 crib tents.. (good job)

C did later confess the Chase had climbed out during the night when he checked on him and checked his diaper, he left the rail down.. but Chase went on to climb out even while the railing was up.. and frankly, i'm surprised it took him this long..

so, Devin & Chase now have these neat little tents on their crib and now we are finding out that we could have benefitted from these contraptions months ago.. the kiddos only get their binky's/blankets in their crib, but they always throw them out on the floor and we always have to go pick them up... well not anymore... in the tent baby... no more throwing stuff out.. except for Macy of course, but I don't think she'll ever try to climb out.. but she does spend a fair amount of time pushing the back of her crib so hard that it hits the wall, and she kicks the railings too..

i'll take a picture of our new tents tomorrow.. and by the way, these little mesh thingies are not cheap...


Jennifer Mullinax said...

OMG...that little stinker!! I'm glad he unplugged the monitor to alert you something was up. I'm praying my three don't learn that trick anytime soon!!

Jess said...

Can't wait for that... I'll just add it to my long list of things to look forward to as a Mom. Hey, at least you know he's not afraid of heights, and can climb like a monkey... He's got that going for him right? :)

McTriplet Mommy said...

YIKES!!! Glad you found the crib tents quickly - ugh! They sure ARE expensive! We decided not to go that route - I was sure Sullivan would figure out how to get out of the crib tent anyway.

Ahh.... the fun, fun world of toddlers - multiple toddlers!!