Monday, November 06, 2006

St. Louis fun times...

We always have fun in St. Louis and this trip was no exception, although a bit different from any other time we've traveled to St. Louis. Some of you already know what happened.. but I can never convey how horrifying & scary it was.. Thursday Chase woke up with a fever, I loaded him up with Motrin & kept him hydrated and although I did have my doubts about leaving that day, they soon went away and I made the trip to "C" to pick up Mawmaw Connie. Chad had to stay behind because he was working, so we made our way, the kids were a little restless along the way, we stopped for snacks & water along the way.. Connie was sitting in the back with the kids because, well, I was driving and they were tired of sitting, you could really tell that Chase was not feeling well, so I decided to give him some more Motrin, only about 1/2 tsp, but about 20 min after that dose, something really horrifying happened.. I'll do the short version, straight to the point, Connie looked over at him and quickly saw that he was not "ok".. he was having a Seizure, although at the time we didn't know this.. it happened so fast, but in my mind time stood still for a while, especially when Connie said: Call 911... I began to panic, normally I would not have my cell phone handy, I rarely have it, but this time it was in my purse and it was charged.. I called 911, the operator did keep me a little calm if you could call it that.. she made me pull over and the ambulance got there, it seemed like forever, but really it was under 10 min.. when they got there, they whisked him off to the ambulance, I got to ride with him to the hospital, which was about an hour or so away, we got there in about 45 min.. I could go on & on, but i'll shorten up a bit, Chase had a Febrile Seizure, (actually two of them) caused by a spike in his fever, it's caused by a fever, no matter how high, but how fast it climbs.. So while we were at the hospital, Uncle P & Aunt S came and got the other two kiddos.. We finally made it home around 10ish.. we left for St. Louis around 2pm.. we made really good time.. LOL..

So Chase was back to his old self in no time, we watched him closely and we kept his fever at bay.. we followed up on Sat with Shelly's Pediatrician and all is well..

The kiddos had a fun filled weekend.. they played outside and really enjoyed L&A's John Deere.. They loved to go visit the Big Ol' dog Odie at Bill's house a few houses down, Uncle Paul skateboarded them down the hill on his lap.. (pics coming soon of this event).. they loved to have the run of the house, something they don't get at home.. they learned ring around the rosey, they got to wear L&A's karate belts, they got lots of food, milk, cookies & tons of love from Uncle Paul, Aunt Shelly & cousins Luke & Alex and also Mawmaw Connie, well that is if Devin would let anyone close to her, he likes to have her all for himself... i'm sure i'm forgetting some stuff.. but i'll write more later.. i'm tired now, but wanted to share some pictures.. Have a great week!


Lenhartfamily said...

Oh my gosh, how scary!!!!! I am so glad he is okay!!!!! I have taken care of lots of kids in the hospital with febrile seizures, but having it be your own kid is a whole different story. So so so glad he is fine!!

Mom of Eryn, Maya and Kyra
2 years old

McTriplet Mommy said...

Looks like you had fun!

I am *so* sorry about the trauma on the way down. I can't imagine how scary that must have been - while you're driving none the less!! Glad Chase is back to normal.

See you soon!