Friday, August 25, 2006

Self Portrait..

OK... so I met this girl on ILP.. and she is doing a little class through e-mail.. It's totally free, It's just a class to sharpen up your skills in photography.. I thought it might be fun to go back through the stuff I learned early this year in my photog class... so.. My first lesson is a self portrait.. how you see yourself.. this is not the one i'm submitting because.. I have to use all natural light for my SP.. but I thought it would be fun to go downstairs while the hooligans were sleeping and take my Pic... with my studio light.. it was quite amusing using my self timer!! anyway.. here is just one.. and I want you to take notice.. Yes. I did put make-up on.. and yes.. my hair is 1/2 way done.. I got it cut yesterday and my hairdresser (love her) talked me out of cutting my bangs. .. I'm trying to let them grow and i'm glad she talked some sense into me.. I'm almost there... ok.. enough rambling.. here they are.. touched up a bit.. More pics later.. Uncle Kevin is in town..


Jennifer M. said...

YAY!!! These are sooo great....You're beautiful my dear!!!

Jess said...

good gosh... You look so wonderful, and well rested! Good job on the shots, I really like them. I can't do self portraits for anything. I AM WAY OVER CRITICAL.

Anonymous said...

You have the same expression as your school pics all the way through Jr. High School.
Uncle Kevin