Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hellooooo .. ooo...oooo..ooooo

Hi.. is this thing on? tap tap.... every few months I get a nice little nudge from my Aunt Martha to update my blog.. You see... she's all the way in Colorado and never gets to see the shenanigans. it's CRAZY around here.. pure craziness.. and i know i need to do a better job at updating... I feel we've outgrown this blog.. I always feel like this was for them when they were babies.. So, I will be closing this blog and starting a new one.. for a new chapter in our lives as we get closer to the triplets 4th birthday.. 4... F.O.U.R. i still can't believe it.. it just seems like yesterday that i was bringing them home.. where have my babies gone..

A few little updates... Devin has been sick all week and had to b picked up from school twice! It's been a rough week for that little stinker.. but i think he's on the mend now.

Chase... well.. what can i say.. he's still Chase.. the busiest kid you'll ever meet..

Macy.. aka: chatty cathy... aka: Alverna Jr.. she talks and talksAdd Image and talks and talks.. and you just have to nod your head.. because she really needs that confirmation that you are listening.. but when you talk to her.. her first response is "What you say?".. so we dubbed her.. Alverna Jr.

Here are some videos.. just for fun..

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