Monday, February 09, 2009

Random .. Randomness..

yeah.. i got a little slap on the wrist today for not updating this site... I forget sometimes that i still have visitors here... I spend most of my time over on Facebook.. and I assume that everybody else does too.. but that's just not the case... SO.. here is some randomness.. We're hanging in there.. We are sooo ready for spring to just get here... so that we can spend more time outside and run off some energy... it's been a looong winter and we DO NOT like punxatawny Phil anymore..

it's been pretty much status quo here lately.. and i'll try to get better at blogging all the fun stuff that goes on daily... Like Chase putting on all my makeup one morning while I slept.. full eyeshadow and lipgloss.. or Macy's ability to now whistle... or Devin's curiosity with paint lately..

so.. i'll just leave you with a few photos for now.. albeit.. not the greatest of photos.. i'll dust off my real camera soon..

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