Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Milking Santa...

Milking Santa....

How many more years do i get to milk this Santa thing? I have had more fun lately using the Santa bribe with the kiddos.. It's so fun.. It's just bound to come back and haunt me.. i just know it... This year.. they really get it.. they really get that Santa is "watching" them. Tonight I was able to catch a little lie in action.. Case in Point:

I observed Chase hitting Macy over the head with a broom... (i was cleaning)... He didn't think I was looking, but i just happened to look as it happened. Chase got put in time out.. but the whole time he was crying that Macy hit him with a car and that's why he hit her over the head.. So.. My conversation with Macy went like this:

Me: Macy, did you hit Chase with a car?

Macy: {Nods.. no}

Me: are you sure?

Macy: {Nods, no}

Me: Macy, tell me the truth, we don't lie in this house.. are you lying to me?

Macy: {still nods no}

Me: Ok.. well.. remember, Santa is watching you and he knows whether you hit Chase or not

Macy: look of fear in her eyes

Me: Ok.. well.. if you didn't hit Chase then I guess I can call Santa and ask him?

Macy: still looking a little fearful

Me: but, if you tell me the truth, then I'll call Santa and tell him that you're sorry and you didn't mean to hurt Chase.. then all will be ok for Christmas.. Did you hit Chase?

Macy: Yes (still looking at the ground)

Me: Ok.. Chase will tell you he's sorry, and you tell Chase you're sorry

Chase: I'm sorry Macy

Macy: {cannot look Chase in the eyes} ok.. sorra {can't even say sorry}

That girl is a pistol, i'm telling you....

She has been telling me nonstop how much she loves me... I think this Santa thing is really cool this year.... And don't get me started on the "eyes in back of my head" story.. I catch them looking at the back of my head sometimes to see if i'm telling the truth or not..

Here's the girl in action.. talking to the "man" on the phone..


McTriplet Mommy said...

Oh, I've been doing the same here. I told the boys anyone who touches the tree... I'm calling Santa! :)

Talk soon - I'd love to see you!


loren said...

That video is so cute! I swear all kids think phones are video phones.