Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birthday Week..

Well.. this isn't "technically" the birthday week, but it's the week of the party!! Here is the invitation we sent out! "My" interpretation of Three Rocks... We had so much fun using Chalk paint on the sidewalk.. A big Thanks to MM for giving me the Chalk idea and helping me put this Tri-Fold together..






Melissa Mullinax said... are more than welcome!! I had a BALL helping you create it!! It's seriously awesome...perfect colors, perfect rock-n-roll elements, perfect shots!!

I have mine sitting here next to the rocks. :)


Jessica said...

OMG. Stef... That is the MOST awesome invite EVER. EVER EVER. MM kicks BUTT!! Did you send me one? Even though I cant go? b/c our parties are the same dang day? eesh.
I wish I was as creative as you... You big poop. I miss you something awful. However, the coffee is helping ;)

My name is Tammie said...

OMG I totally love it! I hope you have a great party!!!!!

Keira said...

Love it love it love!!! Can you do one for me when my girls turn two in December? ;)