Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day kickoff..

We took the kids today to put some flowers on some graves. We did this last year too. I recently got a small point & shoot for small trips like this.. I have come to realize that all my pictures don't have to be perfect, it's the unperfect pictures that make them perfect. So, with new green p&s camera in hand we were on our way.. We started out in Concordia, although no pictures were taken there.. then we moved on to Alma.. We got out and did some exercise to start our adventure.. when I say exercise, I mean, running.. Just for a frame of reference, i'll show you two photos exactly the same.. In the first photo you'll see 3 kids sitting atop Grandpa Schuette's stone, they look nice don't they? Wouldn't you say?

Now what you don't see in this picture is Grandma Schuette chasing Chase clear across the field, into the corn fields.. I'll show you just where he was minutes before this photo was taken.. and let me tell you people something.. this kid is FAST..

Then we stopped off to see Shirley & Raymond Stoll, however, only Shirley was home.. This is their great big house.

Right next door to their great big house is a park, we played at the park, then we heard some chickens.. So we went over to take a closer look.. The man was nice enough to let us get his chickens all roweled up, oh and feed them some dandelions too.

Then we went just down the road to visit Charlie & Kathy.. They have a great big piece of land too.. Someday we'll get to go fishing there, but for now we'll settle for sittin in the tree

and talking about how much we love overalls with Charlie.

A great day was had by all!! Have a happy & safe Memorial Weekend!

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Melissa Mullinax said...

Amen, sister....and these are so cute too. I love the chicken coop one especially. :)
Have a great holiday weekend!!