Monday, January 07, 2008

and last... but CERTAINLY not least... Devin

Awww... our sweet, sweet Devin.. What can I say.. When Devin was born, I felt a special connection to him, was it because he was the youngest? the smallest? I don't know.. Macy & Chase shared a minute together.. Devin has a minute all to himself... When the babies left the hospital they lost Devin's little bracelet, so we don't have a bracelet for him. When we got the kiddos social security numbers, Macy & Chase's are in sequence, Devin's is not.. He's a special kid in so many ways..

first of all.. this kid is Sm-aaart.. he does not skip a beat and he has the memory of an elephant. He remembers everything.. everything. He loves anything that is in a box or bin or bag. He loves his blankie, and stuffed animals. We've had to bring an end to the zoo in his crib.. for the last few months, he's insisted on about 5-6 animals in his crib and about 6-8 blankets.. Today we let him choose 1 animal and 1 blankie.. so far, so good.

Devin is very independent, he likes to do things on his own and always says: "I do it" but will always ask for help if he needs it. He loves Thomas the train, Cars and Toy Story. He talks all the time. He is the only one that will sit on my lap and cuddle with me. In the morning when I go into their room, he is the first to yell out.. "Hi Mommy". It melts my heart. Sometimes I'll just be sitting there and Devin will come up and kiss me, just for no reason.

He loves to play with just about anything. But one day as Macy & I were playing with her dolls, he played as well and sat and rocked a baby, fed it, burped it and wrapped it up. He's going to make the best daddy someday!!

I don't have a video of him.. but here is another sweet picture..

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Anonymous said...

Oh those boys and their moms! It's a special relationship and always will be.

Stef, you did a great job letting us know each child better. This was a great idea especially for those of us who aren't there to see them grow up.