Thursday, December 06, 2007

it's SMOWING..

yep.. you read that right.. it's Smowing.. per Chase.. I brought some in for them to eat and they can't stop saying.. More Smow, More Smow.. Me.. on the other hand can really do without the "Smow".. I was supposed to go to our Monthly Triplets Plus dinner tonight, but since it's Smowing, C has to work late.. It's ok though.. I can really use the time to get caught up !!

in other news, I'm blogging to you LIVE from my kitchen.. YEP.. my kitchen.. thanks to Jess Redden who sent me her old Laptop.. I am now wireless.. after a few days of trying to get the wireless router configured.. I finally got some help from Jess's friend Matt.. who helped me uncheck ONE BOX in my setup and Voila.. it works.. A HUGE thanks to Jessica and Matt for helping me get "connected"!!

Not much is new around here! Just getting ready for Christmas.. We put our Tree up last weekend and the kids love it.. they love to show everyone who comes over!


Jessica said...

So glad you finally got "connected"!! You're rockin' it High-Tech now :) Glad you're feeling that Christmas Spirit!!

Rolyndia said...

That would be awesome to have my computer in the Kitchen instead of downstairs. Congrat's on getting the tree up.

Ronald Twente said...

Good to see you back. I have really missed you this past month. Don;t stay gone for so long.

Uncle Ron