Friday, October 05, 2007

nice DOES matter...

My virtual friend Keira of TRIPLED PINK gave me a very nice award... The "nice matters award".. I feel very honored to receive this award... Thank you Keira.. Here is what she wrote about me:

As the award states I must pass this on to another blogger and I would like to award the "Nice Matters Award" to Stefanie - triplet-mom-blogger and the creator of my blog's lovely "pink" personality. Her blog is very entertaining, a great mix of updates on her three, fun stuff she finds and does in her life and is always written with an upbeat and positive attitude. She somehow finds time to be a photographer, create blog banners, run after her kiddos, and I can only imagine what else! I hope our "trips" will meet one day - we'll have to have a triplet-mom-blogger convention somehow! So...pass it on Stef :)

isn't that so sweet!

So.. the tradition goes.. I would like to pass this award on to another nice blogger.. So.. I'd like to give it to my Best Virtual Friend.. Jessica Redden of My Five Little Monkeys .. Where could I start? Jess has endured more than any human being should endure in just the short 2 yrs since i've known her. She takes it all in stride and is always there to lend a helping hand, an ear to listen, give good advice, give great "medical" advice (someday she's going to charge me), listen to my problems while her world is sometimes falling apart. Her upbeat personality gives me the courage sometimes to get through the day or the week.. Thank you Jessica for being my best online buddy, for your help, your straight forward, no holds barred advice has helped me tremendously.. I'm so sad that we won't be meeting in person for a while now.. but someday!!

Now..if you haven't already.. go visit Jess!!

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Keira said...

So glad you liked your award! I couldn't think of anyone more deserving! And THANK YOU for making the connection between Kara and myself - she has been amazing to "talk" to...thank you thank you!!!