Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We hit the "Candy Jackpot".. This year we took the kiddos to the St. Marys Manor, which is a nursing home.. every year they do the "best" Halloween.. and we didn't go last year because it was cold & rainy and the line was wrapped around the building outside.. but this year , we prepared, we got there nice & early, although, we still waited in line.. but let me tell you, it was well worth it.... Not for the candy, but to see all the residents in the home SO EXCITED to see all these kids... they lined up in their wheelchairs, or chairs and handed out candy, they look forward to this every year, i'm sure, and I think they have more fun than the kids... some of them dress up and it's sooo fun !!! Although, I did catch a few of the residents "sleeping" on the job.. I thought of my Grandma S in Colorado and wondered if they do something like this? I bet My Grandma would be the first to dress up!!

Tomorrow, i'll be on the lookout for lots of paper in the kids diapers, they couldn't wait to take the wrappers off and ate some stuff, paper & all.. before we even had a chance to unwrap it ... by the time we got home, they were a sticky mess.. but it was alot of fun.. and we brushed our teeth extra good tonight...

*****DISCLAIMER TO MY "COLORADO" RELATIVES*****.. The 7 on the boys' uniform is actually a typo.. it's really not a "John Elway 7".. but merely a generic 7 ... (ha ha ha) .. I was told that I HAD to add that disclaimer..


Leigh said...

What a great idea. I wonder if any nursing homes do this in my area. I'll have to do some research and find a place to go next year.

The kids looked cute, as always.

Shannon said...

They looked like they had a blast. I'll post our pictures in a bit. Bradley had a blast. I like all the shots of chad with the kids!!

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! I bet they had a great time. See you tomorrow afternoon!
Aunt Diann

Ronald Twente said...

This is the nursing home where Aunt Susan's mother was being cared for the last 3 months of her long life. She would have LOVED to have been there and passed out candy to all the little ones, especially "our" triplets. There were alot of familiar faces the in pictures. Need to be there when they have the wheel chair races (lunch and dinner time).

Anonymous said...

I couldn't see this video on my loser computer. I just saw it (almost 3 months later)on Mike's computer. I think it's bad that your Colorado relatives didn't weigh in on the number 7 football players. I can only imagine that Chad was not down with that. We loved it!

The kids were so cute and fun to see. By the way, Grandma had that every year at her home. They love it as much as the kids!