Tuesday, August 07, 2007

our new attire..

so.. we're making a statement in the fashion world.. soon, they'll be banging down my door asking me for advice on how to make toddler clothes.. and i'll answer with this one word.... "Scissors".. get you some good sharp scissors and go to town..
Here we are getting ready for a nap today... by the way.. Devin's leg warmers are courtesy of Chase's arms.. notice that the regular ol' play clothes are gone and taking their place are these stylish, zipper in the back ensembles.. Please take note that Devin is wearing Macy's Pink ensemble, because his ensemble was dirty.. Macy was not HAVING it.. she knows her stuff is pink.. and by gosh, you better not touch it, because she will SCREAM.. by the way.. arms cut off from the ensembles, make very nice Leg Warmers.. Macy discovered this all by herself!!

We recently learned the hard way, that not only do the boys have to wear these at night.. but for nap time too.. Little boogers..

Edited to add.. after I posted this.. I realized my ISO on my camera was bumped all the way to 1600 so my pics are Grainy..Sorry..


Shannon said...

I love it Stef. Can you make me a pair? But I just want the leg warmers to relive my 80's flashbacks I have a of Flashdance!

Amber said...

hahaha how cute! my scarlet is the same way the only girl so she screams if anybody touches her pink stuff! LOL crazy girls!
Good luck with the new fashion trends! LOL