Monday, August 20, 2007

Daily Challenge...

What I mean by daily challenge is not arguing with my kids about whether we should watch Elmo for the 100th time before 10:00 am.. or whether we should have milk instead of "Jush" (aka: Juice).. But simply a challenge for me.. I've been a lurker on this blog forever and I love to look at all the great pictures... and I figured that after the summer I would join in.. Well I do find myself with about 1.5 extra minutes a day.. so i'll join in.. I can't promise that i'll keep it up everyday.. like. my... uh humm.. Project 365 or what I like to call... Project 3 1/2 months.. but I will sure try..

you can check it out here: Stef's Space

EDITED: Computer is down... taking it to the Dr... Tomorrow (Wed) .. Pictures of Macy's new bows.. as well as an interview with the person who made them..

oh and a HUGE thank you to Colin Klotzbach.. whom I've never met, but graciously made the choo choo wagon graphic for me... Thank you!!!

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