Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Quintuplets Photo shoot..

Jen M & I headed over to the Brooks Quintuplets for a photoshoot.. I was there to assist! Jen did all the work, I can't even tell you how smooth it went and the pictures Jen got were nothing short of amazing.. All 5 kiddos, plus 1 super Toddler, did great.. and one in particular NEVER had a smile off his face.. They were all adorable and we had a great time.. Here is Jen in action... Can't wait to see the final pics.. Channel 4 news was there when we left, we got to watch their follow up interview. They are an amazing family.. It is Baby Central in there.. You can check up on the Brooks HERE. So, I kinda had a day off today.. Instead of lovin up on 3 toddlers, I got to love up on 5 babies... So.. Back to work tomorrow..

oh and Suz.. if you're reading this.... Get ready girl...

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Jennifer Mullinax said...

YAY..I'm so glad you snapped these...and I'm even more glad that you went with was a blast...cost me money...but was a blast!! hee hee I hope to have some pictures to share of these sweet babies soon...~J