Thursday, July 12, 2007

did I say Thursday?

I really meant.. Friday.. p.m.. i'm a busy woman.. and if you have e-mailed me about a blog banner and I haven't got back to you.. patience.. i'm flooded.. i'll get back to you ASAP.. promise..

seriously.. My "MOM" is winning the caption contest.. "MY MOM".. if you know my Mom, you know that she is very quiet.. keeps to herself.. doesn't say a whole lot .. and she is winning.. guess what peeps.. she doesn't blog.. so what's a girl to do?

LEIGH... i'm very disappointed that I haven't heard from you.. c'mon Leigh.. everybody please visit Leigh and find out where she's been and when she's going to visit these parts? If you know my cousin Leigh and many of you do, then you know that NOBODY tells a story like her.. Nobody.

so.. i'll just wait for Leigh's caption.. in the meantime.. I promise if I haven't gotten back to you by e-mail about the banners.. I will.. promise

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