Tuesday, July 17, 2007

bring on the water works..

It's STEAMIN Hot here in the midwest.. I mean S-T-E-A-M... some days it feels like 105 ! My neighbor, Lori, came with me today to a midtown park to get a 2 year portrait... You think you're going to see one aren't ya... Well out of the 200 photos I took, not one even looked presentable enough to show.. BUT we did run across a little water park of sorts.. I've always seen this on the news, but never in person, it's very cool.. the water shoots up at different times, there are water guns, a "little" waterfall, which is where my kids wanted to be. We found ourselves with no swimming diapers, no swimsuits and no sunscreen, but it didn't matter, we were hot and we were determined to get cooled off... Here we are:

Ughh.... scuse me.. where'd the water go?
Ah-ha... here it is...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy.... it's back!

Scram little kid.. i'm taking you're cup and you better not say a word......

Look Mom.. the water comes out right there..

it was a fun time at the water park!!


Shannon said...

I love it! It looks like they had fun. We got a dash of storms today!

ann said...

I love it! The boys in their little mini cargo's and Macy in her polka dots, tooo cute.

Katie said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun summer!! I think I might need a new blog banner, can you hook me up???? Email me when you get a chance.
:) Katie
2 1/2 year old triplet girls

McTriplet Mommy said...

Where is this magical place?! We're going to some Oasis place or something next week we'll see. :)

Your comment on my blog made me smile - I'm so glad we're friends!!!! :) Sorry I missed the last dinner - trust me, you didn't want me breathing on you. :)

Take care,