Sunday, June 10, 2007

5th Grade Spelling bee Champion??

uh huh.. ME.. i was the 5th grade spelling bee champion... or was it 6th grade? hmm.. Anyway.. I soo wish I could have remembered the word that I mis-spelled? It could have been discombobulated or Haiku or Logistical.. even today I'm a stickler for spelling.. When It comes to math, I don't have a clue, NOT A CLUE..

Chad, on the other hand LOVES math. So between us both, we "should" have children that can do both and love both....

I ran across this blog She posts a word everyday, You invent a meaning, she posts 3 of the invented meanings as well as the true meaning, you decide.

Sounds like fun.. i'm going to play.. however, there are no gifts, No coffeemakers, No cameras... ughh

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