Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Memorial Day weekend....

We made a trip to visit a few cemetery's today, this is the first time that I've been on Memorial Day weekend, and of course, the triplets FIRST trip to the cemetery. I'll try to tell a little about
each one. These are all on my side of the family. I hope you make it to the end. This is a long post.

This is my Grandma & Grandpa Alewel. This is my Mom's parents. I don't have a lot of memory of my Grandpa, he died when I was in 6th grade. I have enough memories of him though. My Grandma Alewel just died recently in 2003. I have many memories of her, she was a wonderful Grandma. She made the best fried chicken in the world. She knew that I loved Gravy & Bread and would always have some for me when I visited. My Grandma Alewel never had a mean thing to say about anyone. We miss you Grandma! My dream was to have my children before she passed so that she could meet them, It didn't happen. But I did get to visit her a couple days before she passed.
Devin & Macy saying Hello to Grandpa S. He is their Great-Grandpa. I have many many stories to tel l them about their Great Grandpa S. They called him "Colonel". He was a wonderful Grandpa. I wish that my kids could have met him. I can still picture him in his chair, with his suspenders and putting his hand out every time you walked by, you'd try to hit it and he would pull it back and if I could somehow try to put into words his laugh, I would. When he asked any one of us to get him anything, he would say "Thanks, I"ll dance at your wedding" Sadly, he didn't get to dance at any of our weddings. He died before we were all married. We miss him dearly.
This is my Great Grandma & Grandpa Schuett, Lottie & John, whom my Uncle John was named after. I don't have any memories of them, they died before I was born.
Mmmmm these flowers over here smell soo good. Devin explaining to Macy what a flag is.

here is Grandpa & Chase walking over to see my Dad's Grandpa & Grandma's headstone. A few minutes before this picture was taken, Chase was running in a field of dirt, he had to be restrained by Grandpa's hand.

Here is Grandma & Macy walking through the cemetery.
This picture is very significant., here we are in this tiny Lutheran Cemetary, in the middle of pretty much no where. The town is a few miles away, and is very small. We were walking around and I stumbled on this:

Triplet sons Headstone. I imagine back in 1967 if triplets were born premature, they didn't have the technology to keep them alive. I'd like to know more about these triplets, and as luck would have it, my Dad knows the parents. So, it looks like i'll get to maybe find out more about them. It wasn't just a coincidence that I happened across this.

This is my Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Meyer. I don't have any memories of my Great-Grandpa, but I do remember a bird was involved somewhere. My Great-Grandma Meyer lived until she was 96, so I have a TON of memories of her. She made the BEST, I mean BEST coffee cake under the sun. We do still have a recipe somewhere, but I don't have it. I think my cousin Leigh tried to make it once, but I heard it didn't compare. But, have you ever had Leigh's chocolate sheet cake.. Baha ha ha ha ha.. Sorry Leigh.. Anyway, back to Gma Meyer. She was a wonderful woman. She never learned to drive a car, never smoked, never drank. She was sweet as pie. I remember her vividly.
This is Wally & Jenny, Wally was one of my Grandpa S's Brothers, he had 6 brothers, no sisters.

This is my Mom's Grandma & Grandpa, My Great-Grandparents, and Macy, Chase & Devin's Great-Great Grandparents, I only remember my Great-Grandma Rehkop, although she was very very old when I could finally remember her. I only have memories of her in her house in C-town.


Anonymous said...

Stef, This is a very sweet post.Have a wonderful Memorial weekend.Miss you guys, Love, Ann

Leigh said...

I would have loved nothing more than to have been able to visit that cemetery with you. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

Yes, I did try to make that coffee cake and, yes, it didn't turn out quite like Grandma Meyer's version. Oh, as for Grandpa, don't forget the saying that I like to repeat the most, "You're about to drive me to drinking."

Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

I know you have to remember Grandpa Alewel doing his bird calls and playing the organ for the whole neighborhood on his PA system!


Anonymous said...


I enjoyed the cemetary tour and haven't done that in a while. I'm going to take the laptop to Grandma so she can see it, too. I enjoyed your commentary on the special people in our lives that we still miss so much. I think all your cousins should write in about what they remember about Grandpa Schuette's many sayings. (Thanks, Leigh.) I know that Kyle and Justin still use the "clown" term to describe some people they think aren't acting the way they think they should. And, Kevin, I didn't know those things about your Grandpa Alewel. He was such a good guy and sooo funny.

Thanks, again.