Tuesday, April 24, 2007

THIS is a true story.....

albeit, very, very unnerving..

My family Dr. put me on Ambien, I've had a lot of sleep issues, it runs in the family I guess... I have problems getting and staying asleep, in the past I really didn't want to take anything, because I was afraid that I wouldn't hear the kiddos when they woke through the night.. but now that they sleep through the night with no problems, I finally asked my Dr. about Ambien, so he gave me a prescription, without telling me much about it.. sure, I had heard commercials and had known others who have taken it, but I had never taken it before..

fast forward 1 week, to Sunday April 22nd... I always fill 3 sippies at night, so that they are ready for me the next morning... When the boys awoke around 7 ish.. I went down to get their sippies, there was only 1 sippy in the fridge (Macy's).. so, I went back to bed, assured that Chad had already given them their sippies... and they would shortly be back asleep... After Chad got out of the shower, I asked him that time he gave the boys their sippies..

Chad: I didn't give them sippies !

me: yes you did! What time was it?

Chad: Stefanie, I didn't give them to them.

So, I immediately rushed downstairs, got two sippies ready and went into the boys room.. Their sippies were already in there, they had drank them and they were not cold. so they had been there for a while.. also, on the floor was a dirty diaper, that had been changed...


our only conclusion is that I was sleepwalking! I have absolutely NO memory of this at all...

very, very, very scary.. needless to say.. I will not be taking Ambien anymore... I wonder what else I did that night?

Anyone else take Ambien and sleepwalk??


Anonymous said...

Had to reply after reading your blog today - I was on Ambien for a year on an as needed basis for sleep and I was told that I was a frequent sleepwalker (never had done that in my life before), made food, went outside and actually got in my car (thankfully i wasn't alone so i didn't actually go anywhere)...it can be a very scary medication. I know someone who was on it and actually made food and left the stove burner on (smoke alarm went off and woke up rest of family before anything devastating happened). I strongly recommend against this med and there have been quite a few stories in newspapers and online lately about the weird things people do while taking this medication (and they don't remember any of it)! I would stay away from Lunesta as well (its another sleep med I've heard has some problems!).


Jessica said...

My Mom is on sonata... No problems... try it. :) Quit the ambien :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph! It's Shannon- from Citi. I just read you Ambien story... wow, that is kind of scarey. I have tried it before too, on occasion, when I have trouble sleeping. I have never had any problems, nor clues that I've been sleep walking. By the way, your kiddos are SO cute! I love seeing all the pics of how they are growing, I can't believe they are almost 2! Owen still loves to see the pictures! One more thing, have you talked to Jennifer F. lately? If not, you need too!

If Owen & I ever make it out to Paridse Park, I'll let you know. Would love to get the kids together to play!

S~ said...


YES.. i've talked to Jen F.. I'm sooooooooo excited for her..

I would love for you guys to come out to Paradise park.. That would be so much fun..

I know, I can't believe they are almost 2.. time flies...

Let me know if you ever come out this way, would love to see you!


The Stephens said...

i take ambien from time to time, and it WIPES me out! Never had any problems but hearing yours I will certainly be cautious!

Love your blog!
Stop by anytime

Anonymous said...

I am another triplet mom - never been to your site but got it off JBrookes site.

I have insomnia. I didnt want to take ANYTHING Rx, so I tried everything OTC. The only thing that works for me is Unisom (actually I take teh walmart "equate" version of unisom). One a night. Hte only thing to help me get any sleep. I wake up feeling fine and I can hear htingsin the night if I have to if kids sick, but I can fall asleep right after which I never could before. So wanted to let you know that you should try that might help as well as it does for me. I love it. The walmart brand is $5 or osmething for over 30 pills. Only need 1 a night.

GL hope you can get some rest.

The Morrow Family said...

I am another triplet mom, too. I found your blog off of someone's else...to someone's else...to someone's else. Kinda crazy how that happens, huh? Well, I just saw what you posted about Ambien and it made me laugh. My doctor prescribed Ambien for me when I was on bedrest in the hospital to help me sleep. I hallucinated all night long and apparently did some and said some CRAZY things! My husband actually had to call my mom to come help him with me. It was wild!!! Needless to say, no more Ambien for me ever again! :) (My website is www.ourbabynews.com/morrow if you want to see my babies.) Love, Anna