Saturday, April 14, 2007

sick & sicker...

nope.. haven't fallen off the face of the earth... After suffering through laryngitis for a few days.. Ahem.. The stomach flu visited my house... only came to see me though.. (wiping my forehead) Sheeewww.. that was a close one..

Chad had to stay home from work a few days.. and thank goodness Aunt Ann came to rub my shoulders, scratch my back and get the washcloths... (she's the best!)..

I'm still a bit shaky and now have to get ready for the BIGGEST GARAGE SALE this side of state line.. ok that might be a little exagerated, but i'm still a bit dramatic over the whole "stomach flu" ordeal.. How can it "ONLY" hit me.. i'll tell you how:

March 2006, Macy, Chase & Devin come down with the "runny nose", then all of the sudden it became much worse, I remembered writing about it, Chase had a 104 fever & Pneumonia, Devin had RSV, Macy had an ear infection, plus they all came down with Pink Eye, then it infiltrated the Grandparents house.. I took my Mom to urgent care with what we thought was strep AND pink eye.. Chad was sick too.. if I remember.. BUT WHO DIDN'T GET SICK?

ME.. somehow I had to stay strong and I did.. I may have had a sniffle or two but that's it. so.. i'll leave you with some pictures of one of our Easter toys..

Have a great weekend!

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