Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Pool...

I don't think i've ever mentioned how fun it is to have a pool right in your backyard. Before kids it was the best thing.. we would have people over alot.. or the neighbors would just come over and take a dip to cool off on a hot day.. It really isn't even our pool, it's really our dog Lucky's pool.. we just borrow it from him.. he spends the summer in it.. swimming, or just cooling off after chasing birds & sqirrels all day...

But, after kids, it's the scariest thing.. I have nightmares about one of them getting out & falling in the pool, and just a few weeks ago, I had the scare of a lifetime when Chase fell on top of the pool, even though it's covered right now, it still has water in it.. ice cold water, i might add.. He got away from me sooo fast, I dove to catch him, with Macy in my arms.. but it was too late, he fell on top.. and it scared us all..

with 3 toddlers, it's just impossible to keep them all together, they want to run free... so with our "TTR".. we are getting a fence around the pool... as we speak it is being installed..

did you know that the number 1 cause of death for toddlers is drowning? Now we can all sleep a little easy tonight.. our toddlers will not be a statistic.. they'll be safe in their backyard!!


nailgirl24 said...

My biggest fear.

Lenhartfamily said...

Drowning is one of my worst fears!! I get so nervous with the little ones.
It does look very inviting though!! We might just have to come down this summer for a long distance pool party...LOL!!
Thanks for posting on the site. I would love to chat with you about our "red flags" with Eryn and all that jazz. Will you email me your email address again ( are leaving on vacation so I will get back to you when we get back next week. :) Talk to you soon!!
Katie :)
Mom of Eryn, Maya and Kyra
almost 2 1/2 !!!

Anonymous said...

Since I'm afraid of big bodies of water (even a pool)this one has always been frightening. It ranks right up there with my fear of choking in children. I'm so happy to see that fence!