Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I didn't know this, but thanks to Jessica, (and i'm totally plagarising (sp?) her blog too!!! I found out it's national de-lurking week.. the week all the lurkers out there finally own up to the fact that they visit blogs! If you read a blog and have never commented, you leave a comment and let the blogger know that you are a reader of their thoughts!

I wanna know... WHO are you? WHERE are you? And HOW did you find me? some of my readers are from Triplet Connection, but I think there are other MOM's (Mom's of Multiple's) out there that have found me through other resources...

Do I have anymore Citibank readers? Listen folks.. I LOVE comments.. I really do, I wake up for them, well that is an exaggeration, but I do like them! Tell me how much you love our work.. even if i'm not the best "writer" sometimes... I do know that Ann reads my blog, and I know that she reads my cousin's blog, " Daily Musings" and secretly wishes she could kidnap Evan and bring him to her house!! But she doesn't give me the love in the form of a "comment"..

so de-lurk, you know who you are~

now.. I gotta go de-lurk too.. I do visit a few blogs!!


Melissa Mullinax said...

You seriously crack me up....we so must meet each other someday.

You know I visit....usually daily! LOL! :)


Lenhartfamily said...

Hi! Love the new pics!! Looks like Christmas was fun. I have not been posting much on blogs lately and this is a good idea!! I might have to do it too since I have not had many posters lately. :) I think I found your blog through TC and I was excited to learn we live so close. Hopefully we can meet sometime and have a long distance playdate!!
Mom of Eryn, Maya and Kyra-2 yrs

Jess said...

Well, you know I'm here... ALWAYS... Constantly on the prowl for one of your new pictures. And don't underestimate yourself, your writing does have wit!! :)
Keep up the good work, and I think I might join you on project 365, sounds...FUN.

Jennifer Mullinax said...

I have a probelm...I admit it I can't stay off your blog!! :) I love reading about your crazy life!! :) It's been a JOY to share the rollar coaster ride of raising triplets with you. I count myself lucky to call you a friend!! :) ...hope to see you tonight at dinner!!

Jennifer Mullinax said...

PS....Hey Jess...I do hope you join the 365's a blast and who could resist seeing more pics of your darling kiddos!!

Shelly said...

Stef, I check your site every day. I love seeing the kiddos and can at least see their experiences online since we live in St. Louis! You do an amazing job keeping your site updated and i love it! Thanks Shelly

Anonymous said...

Stef - I try to get on the site daily from work. I show the pictures to all my work friends here. Even though we live close, we don't see enough of you guys. This keeps me up on what is happening.


Anonymous said...

Here is your Citibanker... this is Shannon. ( Owen's Mom ) I really enjoy seeing the pictures and reading the cute stories. Although, I did not like seeing little Chase cry :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Stef,
I am officially de-lurking...are you happy now?? You know I LOVE you guys!!Keep up the great work with the blog. Love,Ann

McTriplet Mommy said...

I check yours, Jen's, Olivia's (my God-daughters mother) and a few others daily! I'm here!! :)