Friday, December 29, 2006

our new choo-choo wagon..

We got a new toy.. a new Choo-Choo wagon.. we love it too.. it has been in our front room and when the kiddos escape they go right to the choo-choo and sit in it, and try to put the seatbelts on.. (giggle)

So today it was nice enough for a walk.. we went out in our choo-choo... our neighbor from across the street met up with us while walking her new dog, she asked us to come play in her backyard for a while.. so we did.. we had a great time.. Penny, the dog, was sooo soo excited about the kiddos that she kept knocking them over, so she had to go inside.. we had a great time and even got to eat some dirt & sticks .. here is chase pulling the choo-choo around.. (that is our house in the background)

here is Devin after eatin some dirt:

and let's not forget about the girl... inside on her zebra. she was there, she just won't look at my camera sometimes...

More pics later as we await our big "New Year's celebration".....

***ETA: Thank you Dianne M ( for sending us the cute 3 little pigs ornament!!! It's so cute, and we'll think of you every year when we get it out to put on the tree!!***


Melissa Mullinax said...

Wheeeeee!!! We loved our Choo Choo too when the twins were little guys. And now Chloe gets the whole thing to herself. LOL!

Hey, and thanks for adding me to your favorites! :)

Leigh said...

I've never seen one of those wagons before but considering that I've never had more than one baby at a time, I probably just never had the need to find one. :) That is so cute, and I'm loving your home. It's beautiful!!! Absolutely beautiful. As for Diane M, isn't she something? For as long as I've known Diane, maybe 20 something years, she has always been one of the most thoughtful and giving friends I've ever had. She told me she was sending that to you, but I want to see a picture. Please. :)


McTriplet Mommy said...

Looks like fun!! We'll have to meet up soon and hang out. Bring that new choo-choo to the zoo - we bought a season pass (and guest passes) again this year!

Take care!!