Thursday, December 14, 2006

i know, i know..

I haven't updated about our trip... I think i am still hungover.. i mean.. tired.. We really had a great time.. We flew in on Wednesday and pretty much lost the whole day to traveling.. we didn't get to our destination until about 9 pm.. We drove from San Fran to Monterey.. It was dark out so we didn't get to see the beautiful drive, but we could smell it.. We were absolutely starving but the Faherty's wanted us to eat at this awesome place right on the ocean in Monterey.. so we tried to make soon as we got there.. Closed. But we made the best of it and headed over to Bubba Gumps..

We woke to an absolutely gorgeous day in Monterey.. we got up early and took a walk down to Starbucks! This day couldn't have been more gorgeous!! We met up with the Faherty's and started our search to eat breakfast... That is a whole long story, I won't bore you with the details.. So began our trip down "17 mile drive"... it was GOR-JUS.. The houses are beautiful, the ocean, the seagulls, the seals, the deer.... yes, deer!

We ended our day by driving to Pleasanton, our next destination! We made it just in time to check in to our hotel and head out for drinks with some of Faherty's friends (he used to live in Pleasonton) We had a blast, I, however, had too much fun and it ruined my whole next 2 days!! The next time someone says.. "Do you like Tequila?" .. someone please remind me that although I think I can "hang" , I really can't!

Friday the guys headed out to play golf... While the girls were going to go to wine tasting... Let me just say that if I smell wine now.. I might get sick.. so after a few stops on the way to the winery, we finally made it for lunch at Wente... Faherty's friend Monica was so kind to buy our lunch at Wente,, It wasn't cheap.. so I really feel bad that no longer than 30 min later.. it was gone.. but I don't feel so bad because it really was horrible and we all agreed on that.. The day was supposed to be spent wine tasting with the girls, but I had to go back to the hotel to rest..

Saturday we drove to San Francisco.. we tried to pack in as much as we could, but unfortunately we didn't get to see a whole lot.. it began to rain just as we were going over the golden gate.. I was able to snap a few pics, but it was very, very hazy...

I wanted to add that I was so excited to visit Calumet Photo while there.. We don't have too many photography stores nearby.. but my excitement was crushed when I was asking some questions and the guy was sooo soo rude and hateful and acted like I was really wasting his time.. I couldn't believe it.. I'll never buy a thing from them..

We saw some interesting characters in San Fran to say the least... We even got hustled out of some money.. but that's a story for another time..

Sat night we wanted to celebrate Birthday's, but I was still too sick to really do much.. Sunday we were back at the airport and all too ready to go home... to say that I missed the kiddos is putting it lightly.. I was so excited to see them!!!

Thanks to both G&G & Aunt Shelly for taking such good care of the kiddos for us!!!

I hear a rumor that Santa is coming on the train on Saturday right down the street!! Look for pictures!!


Anonymous said...

Since there were not any pics with this post I went to my kitchen and got a box of Rice-a-Roni to look at while I was reading this post! It almost felt like I was there with you guys!

Uncle Kevin

stefanie said...

Smart-A$$.. I will put up a pic soon..

Leigh said...

If you don't post some pics real soon you'll reduce me to watching reruns of Full House! At least they include some pictures of San Fransico during the opening song. I would try the box of Rice A Roni, but I only have Ramen noodle soup. If Ramen noodle soup really is from China, then maybe I'll be reminded of San Fransisco's Chinatown, and then I'll feel like I'm there as well. I'll go try it.