Thursday, November 30, 2006

San Fran...

So.. my early Birthday present is a trip to San Francisco.. I'm excited.. I've never been to California before.. But since we had to use or lose our FF miles.. we're going to San Fran.. With the Faherty's.. We're going soon without the kiddos..

So tell me.. if you've ever been there.. What to I really, really want to see.. What can't I miss?? of course there's that little bridge there and all.. but what else..?? Will it be really cold there? What kind of touristy things are a waste of time...

Tell me everything a girl needs to know about San Fran... Don't leave out the "Wine" tours..


McTriplet Mommy said...

Well, my brother- and sister-in-law just moved there! :)

Anonymous said...

Dont forget about Alcatraz and Fishermans Wharf! Check this out!

Uncle Kevin

Anonymous said...

My most memorable thing was seeing and shopping in Sausalito. We didn't make it to Alcatraz just saw it on the way. So many fabulous restaurants and don't forget the Irish coffee place, I've forgotten the name.


Uncle Ron said...

Ride the cable cars. Also next to the cable cars is Fisherman's Wharf. and the choclate factory.

Lumbard Street is also a must. It is a one way street that goes down. But not just straight down the hill... it has 180 degree turns ALL the way down the hill. Go slow!

Boat ride in to San Fransisco Bay.

This time of year wear same kind of clothes that you would where in KC in October. Take gloves and hats for harbor tour on boat if you doo that. Very windy around the bay. Even on sunny days.

Get off the cable cars downtowm and do some window shopping. Then ride the cable cars back to Firshamn's Wharf.

Have a great time.