Thursday, November 09, 2006

Heat Wave?

so it's been unusually warm here in the midwest.. Perfect for wagon rides & playing in leaves.. two days in a row we've been able to enjoy the outdoors! Here's a few pics from today.. although, my settings were WAY off on my camera.. and I can't get my kids to look at me anymore!! The last one of Devin is a plane in the sky!!! Cute!!


Jennifer M. said...

The weather has been wonderful!! Looks like you had a blast outside....I can't wait to have another playdate so I can see those three!! :)

I've been meaning to call you all week to see how you were doing after your Chase scare...a moment I hope you never have to repeat!!! Just know I've been thinking about you!!!


McTriplet Mommy said...

SO cute!! Hasn't it been beautiful here?? I, unfortunately, think it's over. :(

THe kids are adoable. They are simply beautiful - but that picture on Macy's face is probably my favorite! She looks *so* excited.

Take care - hope to see you soon!

Uncle Ron said...

Looks like Devin is going to be a pilot just like his Uncle Ron.

Anonymous said...

I think all those pictures are cute, but I really like the one of Devin. I'm also very jealous of all the leaves I see on the ground! My kids would love a chance to play in all those leaves.